Oliver Pipe Organ Company, LLC

This website is designed to help pastors, organ committee members, churches, and halls find answers to their organ-related questions. There is much conflicting advice and information about this complicated subject. We offer you information and a balanced approach to help guide you through the process of making the best decision regarding your organ needs.

When a new organ is contemplated, we encourage you to bring us in as early in the process as possible, even at the planning stages before the building design is completed, so that with your architects and musical staff we can help make the organ an integral and exciting part of the new church or hall. Careful planning at the earliest point will pay off in both the short and long run.

For pastors and committee members in a church or hall where a pipe organ already is installed, we suggest you read carefully the "Preferential Preservation" pdf file, and the "Simple Math" pdf file to get a grasp of the long term costs and benefits of our approach. When you are ready, please contact us so that together we can evaluate your resources, and together we will develop the best solution for your church or hall.

For small builders seeking a superior supplier of custom made organ components, we encourage you to look through our "services" and "components" pages, then contact us to obtain specific recommendations and quotations on organs or organ sub-assemblies that are of excellent engineering and quality construction.

Thank you!